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Charlie Andreasson

Human Right Defender


Nedan är ett av de mest löjeväckande hoten jag mottagit. Från en muslimsk-zionistisk organisation. Vad blir nästa? En kommunist-fascistisk organisation?








                                                                                 File No. AND - 1878




                                        To:  Charles Andreasson



                                    A fatwa has been issued against you by the Foundation for Qur'anic Zionism in Tetouan, Morocco.


                                    It has been evidenced by the documentation provided to us by the Coalition Against Palestinian War Crimes based in Kuwait.  


                                    Beyond a shadow of a doubt it proves that you are one of the world's extreme Izrail haters.You have a history of collaboration with the jihadist Muslim Brother Palestinian Hamas war criminals in Gaza, with the Palestinian gangster regime in Ramallah and the Hizbullah heretics in Beirut in the commission of the crime of incitement to genocide against the innocent Izrailite population.


                                     It calls on all Sunni Muslims, Christian and Jewish clergy, peace activists, human rights NGOs, journalists, students, academics, trade unions  and parliamentarians to have you incarcerated as a violator of international humanitarian law and a traitor to the Swedish people.


                                   Other procedures are stipulated, including the application of the Sharia laws to racist Swedes like you who cynically violate the teachings of the Holy Qur'an regarding the Izrailite waqf entitlement, as the People of the Book, to the Holy Land of Izrail.


                                      As an affiliated NGO with the International Criminal Court in the Hague, we will do our part to bring you, a corrupt kaffir and harbi, to justice.


                                      A copy of this letter has been handed to the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Stockholm to have you placed on the international no-fly lists and to revoke your passport. 


                                     As well, it is deposited with the International Council of Imams in Djakarta for their separate actions against you.


                                     We have also requested that the Swedish security authorities seek a warrant for your arrest as an interim measure, pending a trial for aiding the Palestinian Hamas terrorist regime in violation of Swedish and EU anti-terrorism laws. 


                                      O Allah! let Your Majesty reign upon the entire world with the arrogant kaffirs and harbis burning in Hell as promised to us by your Messenger of Wonder, Muhammad, peace be upon Him.


                                      O Allah! let this ugly man's face be forever covered with the dung of donkeys for the stench he has emitted by trampling on Your Holy People of the Book. 






                                                 Sealed By:



                                                 His Excellency Imam Abdulumar ibn Jedid

                                                 Supreme Justice

                                                 FFQZ Sharia Court

                                                 Tetouan, Morocco